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Feb 14

Google drops support for IE6

If you’re still using IE6 - then it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Most web developers will tell you supporting IE6 (Microsofts now ageing web browser) is a real pain. Now some of the biggest brands on the web have bitten the bullet and are announcing an end to support for IE6.

Now Google has “announced" that it is ending support for IE6 for Google Apps 1st March.

Why make a statement about this at all?

Surely most people have already upgraded to IE 7 or IE 8, Firefox , Chrome, Safari or something else.  IE6 is ancient in Internet terms, originally released over 10 years ago.  The problem is, there are lot of corporate and government users who are stuck with IE6, due to either legacy systems or tardy IT departments. This means busy IT departments must take the time to replace and/or upgrade not only the browser but any legacy system that require IE6. 

But’s it’s time to act.

  • Google just announced an end the IE6 support in Google Apps.
  • Even Microsoft has released two major browser releases since IE6 (IE7 & IE8) and recommends users upgrade.
  • Facebook no longer supports IE6.
  • Yahoo suggest users use an upgraded browser.
  • Youtube is phasing out IE6 support soon.
  • Most major web 2.0 vendors have no or limited support for IE6
  • Local online accounting firm XERO, dropped support.
  • Getting the message? It really is time to kill off IE6.

Our recommendation:  Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari for Apple Macs. In our opinion IE8 still misses the mark on standards compliance.

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