Customising Brandkit

(See what can be done) 

Standard vs Bespoke (Customised)

Each Brandkit can me made to fit. First - we need to understand what a standard out of the box account looks like

Out of the box - with very limited customisation

An example of a customised Brandkit.

Ok so let's see what sort of things can be customised

Logging in/ Registering - Open or Private?

What's your preference?

Open, Self-Service login and Registration

Private account, by Invitation only.

You can have your Brandkit as open or as closed as you like. Allow users to self-service register or not. Allow visitors (who have not yet logged in) to search for assets or not. Combine these options with custom User Roles and Asset Licences and you have full control of how open you want to be.

Custom Navigation, Headers and Footers

We can customise the look and what items appear in the Main navbar and site Footers, including icons, dropdowns, subnavs and and supernavs. The only items that are more or less fixed is the right hand notifications, login, user, and basket menu items.

Tourism New Zealand's Visual Library Nav with additional custom links (to external sites) above the main navbar (to tie in with other TNZ corporate sites) and a custom footer.

ATEED custom Nav with drop down Asset categories (under Browse) and a custom footer.

Tourism Holdings Nav with custom top transparent section with links to external sites above the main Navbar and custom footer including a section with company logos and additional links.

Custom Pages

Core default pages can be customised and whole new custom pages created and styled. Below are a few examples. What's your preference?

e.g. Custom default home page for ATEED

e.g. Custom default home page in Single Page App style for Southern Cross Health Society

e.g. New custom page for TNZ's Visual Library - Top Picks page

e.g. New custom page for NZ Story's Business Toolkit - Case Studies page


Custom fonts, weights and styles for terrific typography. What's your preference?

Fonts throughout your Brand Portal can be customised to match your corporate or brand fonts using online font services like Adobe's Typekit, Google Fonts, cloud.typography, etc.

Control font size, weights, colours etc via CSS styles for full creative control.

For example Knockout from Hoefler & Co. type used for The Waikato Story.

In Page Widgets

Brankit has several standard widgets that be used as building blocks and customised through CSS. What's your preference?


Carousel with Search Box overlay

Search Box (stand alone)


Tags Feed


Asset Feed

Brands Feed

Blog Feed

Brand Guides Feed

File Upload

Custom User Roles

Standard User and Admin User are the default User Roles out of the box, but we can add User Roles for your unique situation and configure each Role's ability to see certain assets and do certain things with them. What's your preference?

e.g. Showing Custom Roles, Request User, Uploader, Resource User and Staff with variable abilities. Also shown the two default user roles Standard User and Admin.

How does customisation happen?

Via Design Collaboration

We will collaborate with you and your creative team on design and desired aesthetic.

From Concept... Production Reality

Shown is an example of a real project created with digital agency, Touchcast, a member of the Clemenger Group and BBDO Worldwide.

Your Brandkit Account Manager will liaise with you to ensure that we understand your requirements and you understand the implications of your customisations. Then our Project Team will work with your creative team (whether internal or an external) to develop a workable design.

Once we have design files (PSD, PDF, Indesign, Invision prototype, etc) or even the proverbial napkin sketch and agreed requirements, we'll code the design and deploy it to your brand portal.

You'll be able to see progress as we go on either the production site or on a staging server (depending on your budget and scope of project) and via our online project management software.

While all this is going on you'll be able to get started uploading and tagging your assets, as all the customisations sit above the Admin layer of the Brandkit platform. So you'll be ready to go once you're ready to invite users.

When you're happy and ready to rollout to your users, we'll open the doors for you and you'll be good to go.

That's the bare essentials

Those are just some of the elements that can be customised, tweaked, configured, but of course there are loads of ways your brand portal can be configured to meet your requirements and brand aesthetic.

Here are some links to live examples:

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