Tag Search Changes in Brandkit for Better Accuracy

David Vaassen - Thursday, June 16, 2016

We've made a change to the way Tag Search works in Brandkit.

To improve accuracy of search results we've made some changes to the way we search using Tags and now use Whole Phrase Matches for selected tags and tweaked which fields we include.

What's changed.

  1. We will now search in (1) Admin added Tags, (2) System generated Tags from metadata (e.g. orientation, regions, credit, etc) and (3) System fields, ID, Asset name (filename) and Additional Reference.
  2. When typing "Vid.." The typeahead dropdown will suggest "Video" and maybe "Joe's Video".
  3. Selecting a Tag search will now trigger a search for whole phrase matches. This means a search for the Tag "Video" will find only assets with the Tag "Video" and won't find assets with the Tag "Joe's Video".
    Previously the assets with the word Video in whether a single word or multiple words was found. i.e. "Video" would result in assets tagged "Video and "Joe's Video". Now only assets tagged "Video" will be found (if the suggested "Video" tag is selected).
  4. This will also work for URL's from tiles etc provided the Tag exists. Currently what happens is if the tag doesn't exist it will do a text search in text fields. Now that won't happen.
  5. We have removed the Caption and Description fields from what is searched with a Tag search. In Admin it's still possible to search both Tags and Metadata (i.e. Caption, Description etc) but the default will be Tags only.

For reference, in the Portal:

A Tag Search now searches:

  1. Primary Tags added by Admins
  2. Secondary Tags auto generated by the system from metadata fields.
    1. File Type
    2. Asset Type
    3. Orientation
    4. Licence name
    5. Brand
    6. Placename
    7. City
    8. Region
    9. Country
    10. Credit
  3. Additional non tag System fields
    1. Asset ID
    2. Asset Filename
    3. Additional Reference
In Admin (Admin users only) you can also search caption, short description and long description, with the Search options.

Happy Branding :)

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