Reporting Improvements

David Vaassen - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some improvements in the Admin and Reporting areas.

Manage Users and User Roles (for Admins)

  • You can now Download Users as a CSV. You might want to import users into your email marketing tool for example.
  • We’ve added Nature of Organisation and Country fields (from the Registration form).
  • Fixed a bug with User Invitation emails.

Reports (for Admins)

Example of Asset Download Report

  • New Download by Asset report. This report lists downloads by Date and also now by Asset ID (one row per asset). It also adds details collected by download forms such as Intended Use and Intended Placement.
  • Enhanced Asset Expiry report. This report now shows number of downloads to date and a thumbnail for each expiring asset.

Manage Approved Tags (for Admins)

  • You can now download the Approved Tags as a CSV.
  • You can now View directly from the Approve Tags page, all the assets (in admin) tagged with a particular asset. Useful when considering the deletion of a Tag.

Email of CSV's (for Admins)

For most, if not all, reports, you can download the data in a CSV format for further analysis in a spreadsheet application. Some of these reports are rather large and will get larger over time.

The result is that some reports take a fair amount of time to generate. Rather than having to hang about waiting, we've changed the process now so that all CSV exports send you an email when the CSV is ready. You can then download the CSV directly without delay from the email.

A more performant and a better experience for all.

Enjoy :)

Happy Branding :)

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