Panoramas. Skyscrapers and Squares?

David Vaassen - Friday, August 12, 2016

It's Friday and to round out the week, we've released a small enhancement to Auto Tagging.

Photos traditionally have width to height proportions or ratios of  3x2, 4x3 or 16x9. While these ratios still persist in the digital world, there are many cases where a different ratio is needed.

Today, Panoramic images (we use these for Portal Image Carousels for example), Skyscraper web banners, and Square images (for Instagram™ for example) are 3 commonly used formats (with not your traditional ratios).

Wouldn't it be great to be able to easily find these assets amongst a sea of 4x3's?

Panorama image example from The Visual Library of New Zealand powered by the Brandkit Brand and Digital Asset Management software.

Panorama example from Tourism New Zealand's The Visual Library.


Well thanks to the boffins in the Brandkit™ labs, we now automatically detect and tag these Assets with Skyscraper, Panorama or Square.

  • If an Asset's dimensions width and height are equal, we'll auto tag the asset "Square"
  • If an Asset's dimensions are such that the ratio between the width and height is greater than 2x1 and where the width is greater then height we'll auto tag the Asset with "Panorama"  ...and if the height is greater than width we'll auto tag it with "Skyscraper". 
  • Orientation will still be set as Landscape or Portrait as it always has.  So you can still search for "Landscape" Assets - then you could refine with the additional tag of "Panorama" for example. Obviously you won't be able to refine a "Landscape" search with "Skyscraper".



It's a small change - but it will make it much easier to find these Assets in ever growing asset libraries. We think you'll love it.


Enjoy :)


Panorama, Skyscraper and Square Auto Tagging is already in your Brandkit™ brand kit and has retrospectively tagged all your exisiting assets (I'm so happy). You'll need a Brandkit account obviously. Please contact us if you need help with that :) or visit to learn more.

Happy Branding :)

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