NEW in Brandkit - Playable Audio Previews (2 min)

David Vaassen - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hear me now

Upload an Audio file (e.g. wav, mp3, etc) and we'll automaticaly generate am optimised playable version that can be played in your Brandkit,  in real time without having to download.

Ideal for Radio Commercials, owned or licensed music, sound bites and more.

Audio asset example

Manage and Share your Audio Assets with your team, distributors, partners, etc - just as easily as you would an Image in Brandkit.

Your original uploaded Audio recording is untouched and will be delivered unaltered at download time, but we'll automatically generate a web optimised (typically downsampled) version of the file to be used as the Asset Proxy (playable preview) when you upload your file. The playable preview uses the industry standard <audio> tag supported by modern browsers - so will look slightly different from browser to browser.

By default we apply a standard Audio icon (as seen above) but you can optionally change the Thumbnail image to something else.

See this Example in action.

Happy Branding :)

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