Marketing Stack vs All-In-One-Marketing-Cloud

David Vaassen - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's time to forget the All-in-One-Marketing-Cloud.

Which do you prefer: A Marketing Stack of best of breed solutions that you select or a single All In One Marketing solution (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, Adobe Cloud).

Is the answer different if you're paying the bill and having to implement?

Tony Byrne, founder of The Real Story Group, thinks it's time to give up the dream of all-in-one software solutions.



See the article: here.


In the mean-time a seperate study finds 82% of Marketers prefer to use Best of Breed Technology

Others agree.

A new study commissioned by email marketing vendor, Campaign Monitor, found busy marketers don’t have the time or budget to implement All-In-One-Marketing-Clouds and preferred their own stack of dedicated best of breed solutions, that they select for best fit when required.

Obviously as an email marketing focussed vendor, they are biased towards the Marketing Stack, but their study is fair and worth the read.

See their study here.

All in one sounds attractive, but...

The growth in MarTech solutions is astounding and there are literally thousands of apps to choose from - and getting all those apps to talk to each other and share data is tricky.

All in One solutions offer native integration and the siren call is just that - we can take all the complexity away and make everything integrate beautifully with a single solution.

However, we would caution anyone who thinks a single vendor will have all the answers, today and more importantly tomorrow. Instead it's likely that your implementation costs will be high and the lock-in significant (both in technical and economic terms).

The sector is just moving too fast and there is still lot's of innovation happening across the MarTech landscape. There's also lots of work being done to integrate apps with API's and common frameworks.

In fact the general trend in business software is to technology stack as opposed to old school monolithic solutions.

So we agree with you Mr Byrne, It is time to forget the All-in-One-Marketing-Cloud.


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