London to Istanbul by train in 62.5 hours

David Vaassen - Tuesday, February 09, 2016

A recent study of 255 marketers and creatives from SMB and enterprise brands across the globe, provides insight into how Brand or Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools can improve brand organisation and consistency, it also illustrates which DAM features are most valuable in marketing and creative roles*.

Marketers with DAM software spend a significant amount of time searching for assets. Specifically, 30% of the marketers and creatives surveyed agreed that it takes at least 15 minutes or more to find a single asset.

In fact, 41% of respondents agreed that finding brand assets was the single biggest challenge they faced.  Furthermore time taken to find assets is exacerbated when assets are stored across different storage locations.


To illustrate this problem, the study found that when respondents didn't have DAM software in place, they stored assets in multiple places, using a mix of technologies, making searching and accessing assets time consuming and frustrating. 

  • 74% of study respondents use Basic Cloud Storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive.
  • 37% of study respondents use Internal Servers and network drives.
  • 35% of study respondents use their Desktop computer.
  • 22% use an FTP account or FTP server.


To understand why marketers waste so much time on finding assets, consider the fact that 68.5% of respondents receive 5 asset requests or more on a weekly basis.

Annually, this adds up to an astounding 62.5 hours spent searching for assets and responding to requests. That is just for handling external requests for assets and doesn't take into account your internal usage and requirements.


To put this into perspective, 62.5 hours is roughly the time it takes to travel from London to Istanbul, by train on the Orient Express.

Can you imagine, spending the whole trip searching for assets and responding to requests, rather than enjoying the fabulous scenery, chatting to interesting people and enjoying the sumptuous meals, not to mention two good nights rest in luxuriously appointed cabins with beds covered in the finest fabrics.

I know what I'd rather be doing.


* From the State of Digital Asset Management Report 2015 by Brandfolder.

Happy Branding :)

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