NEW in Brandkit - In Grid Asset Preview (3 min)

David Vaassen - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When working with hundreds or even thousands of Assets, context becomes more important.

It's easy to scan through an Asset Grid in Brandkit and add Assets to your basket as you go.

However if you need to dig deeper into details such as Licensing, Usage, etc before selection, you have to visit the Asset's detail page.

Then when you return to the Asset Grid and your previous search result, you're returned to the top of the page, you lose your place and have to start the eye scanning again.

To solve this we're introducing Asset Preview - a pop open modal view of more asset details without having to go to the full Asset Detail page.

How Asset Preview works



When viewing an Asset Grid (aka Search Result), click on an Asset thumbnail and the Asset Preview modal will pop open.

  • You can quickly scan Asset data such as Filename, Size, Licence, Usage, Expiry date, etc.

  • Then either click through to the full Asset Detail page or simply close the modal with the close button or clicking anywhere outside the modal.

  • The advantage of this is that getting more detail is faster, but your scrolled position (context) in the asset grid is unchanged - so you can just carry on where you left off.

  • Whereas - if you clicked through to the Asset Detail page and then back to the Asset Grid - you'll lose your place in the grid and be returned to the top of the page.

  • For those that prefer to skip the Asset Preview and go through to the Asset Detail page, clicking the Asset Title will still take you directly to the Asset Detail page bypassing the pop up.


Available Now

Asset Preview is Now Deployed as a standard Grid feature. 



Happy Branding :)

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