Improved private brand library option in Brandkit

David Vaassen - Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We've improved the Private (access by invitation only) brand library options for Brandkit accounts.

Now we can configure each Brandkit account to allow or disallow Guest users and/or Self-Service Registration.

When set to Private mode visitors arriving at your Brandkit portal will see a login "Wall" rather than the usual Portal home page.

Users won't be able to view content or search for assets until they are logged in, and they won't (typically) be able to register (if the Registration option is turned off).

The Wall can be customised with:-

  • A wall to wall background image
  • A logo in the login panel
  • Custom CSS to set colours etc.
  • Accounts can elect to allow self service registration if they wish - but typically this is turned off for private accounts. 
  • If the account is in Private mode and Self-service Registration is left on, then this would essentially block users from discovering what's available inside the portal, until they complete registration.

Changes to the whole Registration process

To make the new Private account options available in Brandkit, we've had to overhaul the whole registration process, because when Private account is turned on, all the login/registration steps had to happen before users hit the Portal.

Learn more about this change here.


Enjoy :)

The New Private option is ready to go now. You'll need a Brandkit account obviously and we'll need to configure this for you.  Please contact the team at Brandkit, if you want this turned on. Or visit to learn more.

Happy Branding :)

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