Everyone should go to New Zealand at least once

David Vaassen - Monday, February 29, 2016

A visit to New Zealand, according to New Yorker Jennie Gale,  should be on everyone's bucket list.

Jennie Gale, Assistant Editor at The Tab writes:

Everyone should go to New Zealand at least once.

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Jennie provides several headline reasons why New Zealand is a must see.

  • You have to see it to believe it
  • Nowhere else has bigger or bluer skies
  • Two islands for the price of one
  • Magical Milford Sound will make you feel insignificant
  • It’s the adrenaline junkies dream
  • One word – Queenstown
  • Every horizon is Instagram worthy
  • World famous trees, 90 mile beaches and the planet’s steepest street
  • The Great Walks are unbeatable
  • Go and see the glaciers before they’re gone
  • The winterless North
  • You get all of the land and sea wildlife and none of the creepy crawlies
  • Mountains, volcanoes and lakes – oh my
  • It’s the home of Lord of the Rings

She finished with the line:


 "Do it, book your flight. It’s time to get lost in the right direction."


Thanks Jennie - we like it here too. 

View the full story and images here.



While none of the images in Jennie's article have been sourced from Tourism New Zealand (we assume they are her own).

For others looking for great images of NZ, Tourism New Zealand have created The Visual Story, an online resource library to help promote New Zealand as a Tourism destination.

TNZ The Visual Library welcome page screenshot

The Visual Library is a collection of images (photography, video and graphics) of and about New Zealand to be used in the promotion of New Zealand as a tourist destination.  The images have been provided by a huge range of talented photographers and partners across the country.  

It's built on top of the Brandkit™ digital asset management platform, developed and operated by e-see® for Tourism New Zealand in partnership with digital agency, Touchcast.

If you're promoting New Zealand as a Tourist destination, you can download for free, professionally produced images, video and infographic resources.

You can access and download images for free here.

Jennie's story curated from The Tab

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