Custom User Roles

David Vaassen - Thursday, December 03, 2015

We're rolling out Custom User Roles for added flexibility.

We know from experience that each of our customer's has a different approach to how and who they share their assets with. While we can design and code any number of User Roles, it's near impossible to consider every possibility.

So we've developed the ability to configure Custom User Roles for each account and to give each Role a set of Abilities.

This gives use maximum flexibility without having to write a lot of code for each customer.

Custom User Roles

As part of our discovery process for each customer, we'll write a set of business rules around user roles and the Abilities assigned to each role. (e.g. Role-A can Download Assets, whereas Role-B must Request Assets).

The system has 3 standard roles built in. All other roles are custom roles configured for each account. Standard roles below.

  • Guest - this is the public - not logged in.
  • Standard User - this is a registered and logged in user. A Standard User can search and download assets made viewable to Standard Users.
  • Admin - this is registered and logged in user with Admin privileges. An admin can view the Admin area, upload and oragnise assets etc.

You won't see this screen - but it shows clearly how this concept works. In the image you can see that a user with the Admin role has all rights, while a Guest has none and a Standard User has most rights but not all.

Download or Request (not both)

After much internal discussion and taking the lead from client, Tourism New Zealand, we've decided that Standard Users will be able to Download by default, provided they are registered and confirm they agree to the terms of use and will abide by any Licence restrictions or Usage instructions.

If an asset is then used in a way that breaches that agreement, the principal is, that the lie will have been recorded, and legal action can be taken if appropriate, based on the records we keep of the download transaction.

If that doesn't suit a particular customer (i.e. they want a more locked down approach), then we can configure a custom Registered User role that opts for Request rights (instead of Download).

However it's not possible to give a User Role both Download Asset and Request Assets abilities at the same time.


In order for an Account to control which assets users with a particular role can Download (or Request), we've created a configurable visibility setting for each Asset Licence. Assets belong to an Asset Licence, in essence a collection of assets.


For each role we can then configure which Assets are visible by turning visibility on or off for each Asset Licence.

This will allow scenarios like these.

  • Role A: Can find and download all images, but cannot view or find brand identity assets and infographics.
  • Role B: Can find and request all assets including images, brand identity assets and infographics.
  • Role C: Can find and download all assets including images, brand identity assets and infographics.
  • etc

Available now. 


Happy branding :)

Happy Branding :)

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