Create Tags on the fly when tagging assets.

David Vaassen - Monday, March 14, 2016

You can now Create Tags on-the-fly when tagging assets in Brandkit.

This is super handy when you're tagging assets and you want to use a Tag that has not yet been created as an Approved Tag.


Approved Tags provides accounts and account Admin's a way to have a controlled list of Tags that is used by Editors. A simple Taxonomy.



Create new approved tags on the fly

Generally Editors/Curators can only apply Approved Tags to assets. This meant that Admin's would have to go back and create Approved Tags before they could be used. Simple enough but a bit of a time waste for busy Admins.

We still support that idea, so we can configure users roles with this ability, while other editing roles may have the ability to apply Approved Tags only.  


For example: Sally an Admin, can create and apply new Tags on the fly, while John an Editor, can apply only already Approved Tags to an asset.

Try it out.

When you create a tag on the fly, the Tag is created and will appear in the Approved Tags list and behave just like any other Approved Tag. You can view your newly created Tag in your account's Approved Tags page, and view assets or delete the Tag there.


Happy Branding :)

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