David Vaassen - Friday, February 05, 2016

Just about every designer’s dealt with a brand style guide (brand guidelines), - the authoritative document that dictates how a brand should look, speak, and generally exist in all mediums.

You know, the Do this, not that, style guide, the Here’s a list of colors and fonts style guide, and theever-so-popular Do we even have one of those? style guide.

Sounds like a whole lot of rules to follow?

Sure. But these constraints can be not only challenging but inspiring.

Creativity within confines can both challenge a designer and provide necessary guidance. Having endless room to explore can be paralyzing, because the land is vast and you can spend a lot of time feeling out the right direction.

A set of limitations narrows down your options, allowing you to explore in a more effective, directed manner. Here are a few key points on how to make the best of the brand style guide you’ll inherit.

Though we speak from an agency perspective, these points apply to in-house designers, agency designers, and freelancers alike.


KEY Points:

  • Constraint is good
  • Get the Brand Guidelines as early as possible
  • Look for loopholes
  • Create personality through filagree
  • Get the client on side

We agree, read more in this article from Brooklyn United spotted over on Invision’s blog.

Happy Branding :)

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