NEW in Brandkit - Sort Assets by Title

David Vaassen - Thursday, March 02, 2017

We've made some changes to the Sort options in the Asset Grid in Brandkit.

Some back ground

Some time ago we made it possible to display either Caption or Asset Name (aka Filename) in the Asset Grid/Search Results underneath thumbnails.

Shown above, is an Asset detail page from the NZ Story showing both an Asset Name (NZ_Story_Infographic-PROSPERITY.png) and a Caption (PROSPERITY). Which one is used for Sort?

In the past - the Asset Name was always the field used for Sort by Name A-Z  or Name Z-A.

However in the Asset Grid, either Asset Name or Caption is displayed.

This means everything still works when you haven't gotten around to adding a Caption to your assets (some customers don't use Captions).

Sometimes therefore, when looking at the Asset Grid (Search Result), you're seeing a mix of Asset Name and Caption displayed. That's OK but makes sorting a bit of a challenge.

Previously we offered a Sort by Asset Name option in the sort options. However while that worked well it only worked on the actual Asset Name data and not the Caption -  meaning that when looking at the sorted result, the displayed text under the thumbnails didn't match with the underlying sort.

Users were getting confused and administering assets as a result, was more difficult than it needed to be.

A new (better) way to sort

To solve that we've created a new variable called Title.

 Title consists of either the Asset Name (when there is no Caption) or the Caption (when there is a Caption).

Brandkit screen shot showing the Asset Grid with Captions showing

You can now sort by Title and Title will be what is shown beneath the Asset thumbnails in search results.


VoilĂ  - your sort result now visibly matches the underlying data (whether Asset Name or Caption) and will give you the expected result.


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Happy Branding :)

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