Better brand engagement abroad with video and country of origin

David Vaassen - Monday, February 22, 2016

Engaging with an audience in a foreign market, with different languages and cultural norms can be hard to pull off.

Brands are now realising that visual stories, often video are an important tool for these markets, particularly when they are tied into country of origin branding.

Country of origin is often integral to the brand story, with particular resonance where a country is a leader in a product category, such as New Zealand is for dairy, wine, or seafood.

In many markets there is a strong correlation between country brand and purchase choice.

e.g German cars, French wine, Italian leather.

Government-funded toolkits and images libraries, such as the New Zealand Story (funded by NZTE) here in New Zealand and Australia Unlimited in Australia, support brand creative and reduce production costs for exporters.

Combining your country of origin story, and remixing/repurposing the free marketing resources made available for your use, with your own brand story - can give you a lot more bang for your buck, help engage consumers, and give you a competitive advantage.

Here's an example.

The Swanndri Baby Blanket Story

Swanndri, an iconic New Zealand brand, introduced its Thermalweave woollen baby blanket into the China market via a video story.

New Zealand agency, Rare scripted and produced a 3 minute video, with Chinese subtitles, to present the heritage and authenticity of the Swanndri brand, and origins of wool fibre, in New Zealand’s pristine environment.

The video utilised stock footage of New Zealand (The NZ Story Business Toolkit) and rural scenery, and captured film of sheep grazing and babies lolling in the Swanndri blanket. Stills from the video were later utilised in brand collateral.

Watch the video below:


New Zealand companies like Swanndri and Rare, are using the NZ Story Business Toolkit to tell their New Zealand Story.

The NZ Story toolkit is a bespoke online Digital Asset Management system and resource library, developed and operated by e-see® for Trade and Enterprise New Zealand.

If you're a New Zealand exporter, you can download free images, video and infographic resources to enable to tell your own New Zealand story, just like Swanndri.

Access free resources at NZ Story here.

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