Behind Marketing at MMNZ

Greta Gotlieb - Friday, January 29, 2016

Did you know that behind the marketing and advertising that Mitsubishi dealers do in New Zealand, sits a bespoke digital asset management system by e-see®, called the MMNZ Brand Lab.

The Brand Lab provides MMNZ a conduit to distribute images, video and marketing materials to their dealer network throughout New Zealand. In fact it can only be accessed by MMNZ staff and their registered dealers.

What does Mitsubishi think? This is what Lauren Gibbs, Marketing Executive at MMNZ in Wellington, had to say:


"The e-see/Brandkit team are great to work with and have provided Mitsubishi Motors NZ with an effective and easy to use asset management system. We have found that our users are using our assets more and more now that they can download and send images quickly and with ease. We would recommend e-see/Brandkit to any company that was looking for a leading digital asset management system.”

While it's for MMNZ dealers only, you can take a sneak peak at the front door to the MMNZ Brand Lab here

Happy Branding :)

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