Batch Edit Asset Metadata

David Vaassen - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You can now Batch Edit the Metadata for assets you have selected in your basket.

This is super handy way to update several assets at once and will save you a lot of time.

For example you might select several assets that obviously belong to a single Region. You can use Batch Edit  to update the Region field for these in a single edit, rather than edit one at a time or resort to Exporting and Importing a Metadata csv. Another example: You might have renegotiated your Usage contract with a photographer so you can set a new Expiry date for several assets at once.

Here's how.

  1. Login as admin and navigate to the Admin console
  2. Select some assets to edit (so they appear in the basket/sidepanel/favourites).
    Batch Edit Select Assets
  3. Click the Edit selected button.
    Batch Edit Select Assets
  4. Then click the new Batch Edit button at the bottom of the pop down panel (note batch tag editing has it’s own button and has been available for some time).
  5.  In the Batch Edit Modal select the fields (e.g. Region) you wish to batch edit. This will display the input fields.
    Batch Edit Modal
  6. Make the entries (e.g. New York) required and click Save all changes.

    Batch Edit Success Message



Note: To clear the currently entered metadata for a field just select the field but don’t enter any data. Provided the field is selected and the input is left untouched, saving the form will clear the metadata in that field for the selected assets. e.g. if you want to remove Expiry dates from the selected assets, just select the field “Expiry”, enter nothing and hit save.


Batch Edit is ready to go now. You'll need a Brandkit account obviously. Please contact us if you need help with that :)

Happy Branding :)

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