Asset Requests re-engineered

David Vaassen - Friday, December 11, 2015

We can now configure User Roles to be able to Request Assets only. 

This means a user can find and see assets, but the only option available to them is to Request. Once an Admin approves the Request they will be sent the assets via an emailed ink to a pick up page.

This is the process.

  1. User logins in and has a role that only allows Request.
  2. User selects assets and clicks the Request button in the Basket.

  3. User completes Request Form (which asks for Intended Use, Placement and Relationship information and  the usr must Accept Terms of use.)
  4. Once Submitted all Admins are notified (email and notification in app)   
  5. Any one of these Admins can Approve or Decline the Request.
  6. If Approved, the system will send the assets to the user via the usual email and link to a pick up page. There they will be able to download all the approved assets/files as a zip file, without having to login and with no additional forms to complete.
  7. If Declined, the system will send an email with a message from the Admin.

Request Assets is NOT the default approach.

Note that the default standard user role is configured to allow Downloads provided users abide by terms of use, licence conditions and usage instructions. By making this the standard approach we're removing a barrier to faster marketing. 

If someone downloads and uses an asset inappropriately or breaches terms, licence, etc - then we've "recorded the lie", but the user nor the download has been specifically approved at any stage. 

This is a more friendly open policy, for brands that are comfortable with the idea that their Intellectual Property and brand are protectable without hiding it away. 

Some brands however are less comfortable with this new open approach and want the opportunity to approve every download. So for these brands we can configure a custom Standard User Role.


Custom Standard User Role

We can now configure your account to have a custom Standard User Role which for example can be configured to allow new users to Request Asset only. This means they cannot download, share or send assets without your specific approval.


What about Approving user registrations?

By default users can self-register and self validate. There is no approval process for users. All new users by default receive the Standard User role once logged in. 

However, if you don't want to allow self-service registration/sign-up, again, we can configure your account to not show a registration or sign-up option to the public. In this instance only an Admin with the ability to manage users would be able to Invite a user.



So in Summary, we prefer and default to a more open self service approach to both user registration and access to assets. However if you'd prefer to have a more closed, by invitation approach, this can be readily accommodated.

If you want this option configured for your account, please contact your Brandkit account manager/contact to organise this for you. 


Available now.


Happy branding :)


P.S. For any BrandFM customers reading this. This is different from how BrandFM works with Requests. When a request is approved we are no longer granting the user access permission to that asset. Instead we just send the files they requested. This is far simpler and faster for the user and there is no need to logon, remember a password or enter the purpose for download again.

Happy Branding :)

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