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David Vaassen - Thursday, December 08, 2016

On Friday 2nd Dec 2016, NZ Government Minister (Economic Development, Science and Innovation), Steven Joyce, launched The Waikato Story - an initiative of the Waikato Regional Council.


Waikato story home page


Most politicians and marketers agree that Economic or Political Regions are also Destination Brands and that there is competition from other regions to deal with.

It's vital therefore, that these brands are curated and promoted externally to attract that much desired investment, tourism and people who want to live, study and work in the region.

In modern marketing this is often best achieved through Content Marketing and story telling. And there's one thing that Content Marketing and good stories need and that's plenty of good quality, authentic visual content.

As a result, the Waikato Regional Council, after a significant amount of research and community engagement, has developed - The Waikato Story. Essentially a free resource and digital content for anyone to use,  to promote the Waikato Region.


Waikato Story Toolkit page screen shot


The Waikato Story website is built on and runs on the Brandkit™ platform. It was designed and developed in co-operation with Principals Brand, a branding agency based in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, for the Waikato Regional Council.

It was inspired by The New Zealand Story , which is also running on Brandkit's platform.

This aptly demonstrates the ability to customise your Brandkit web portal to support your brand and the ability to really tell your brand story in a compelling visual way and support your branding and marketing efforts.

Brandkit enables powerful customisation of your Brand Portal like you see at The Waikato Story. You'll need a Brandkit account obviously. Please contact us if you need help with that :) or visit Brandkit.io to learn more.

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Happy Branding :)

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