5 Key Challenges for Marketers working with Brand Assets

David Vaassen - Tuesday, February 09, 2016


A recent study of 255 marketers and creatives from SMB and enterprise brands across the globe, provides insight into how Brand or Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools can improve brand organisation and consistency, it also illustrates which DAM features are most valuable in marketing and creative roles.*


The study found 5 Key Challenges facing marketers, marketing teams and creatives today, when working with digital, brand and marketing assets. 

  • 58% said Finding Final Brand Assets was a key challenge         
  • 60% said Monitoring Asset Usage was a key challenge
  • 58% said Responding to Requests for assets was a key challenge
  • 58% said Sharing Assets Externally was a key challenge
  • 61% said Sharing Assets Internally was a key challenge.

A good DAM solution (like Brandkit) will help solve all these challenges, save time and make working with brands assets both more efficient and more effective.

* From the State of Digital Asset Management Report 2015 by Brandfolder.

Happy Branding :)

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