2016 United States Image Testing Research

David Vaassen - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NZ Story present their 2016 United States Image Testing Research

Succeeding in the United States starts with really understanding the people – who they are, what they want and how they see you. New Zealand Story has researched US consumers to bring you key insights and more.

The research is now available as a downloadable PDF from the NZ Story Business Toolkit.

Have a read, have a think, then get out there and start telling your own New Zealand Story.

Get the Research here

Companies are using the NZ Story Business Toolkit to tell their own New Zealand Story.

The NZ Story toolkit is a bespoke online Digital Asset Management system and resource library, developed and operated by e-see® for Trade and Enterprise New Zealand.

If you're a New Zealand exporter, you can download free images, video and infographic resources from NZ Story to enable you to tell your own New Zealand story.

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